Why visit Marbella?

The most luxurious city on Costa del Sol! This guide will let you know everything there is to do in Marbella, from the most emblematic places to visit to the best day trips and the most enjoyable night life. In short, the best Marbella tourists guide. Happy reading and enjoy your stay in Marbella!

There are actually quite a number of reasons to visit Marbella but let us just give you ten.

1. Weather

Marbella is blessed – it sits between the mountains and the Mediterranean Coastline. As such, it is gifted with a pleasant micro-climate, with warm, sunny summers and relatively mild winters. Marbella’s wonderful geographical placement has blessed it with a rather enjoyable micro-climate – plenty of sun and less rain. Its position, nestled between the Sierra Blanca mountains and the coastline, assures Marbella of excellent weather all year round, with rains falling mostly in the months of September and October – these rarely last for more than a couple of days.

All in all, the climate is very mild throughout the year, around 19ºC on the average. Summers are not too suffocatingly hot and winters are not too cold. It is just perfect for a day at the beach and for dining al fresco. Winters are warm and dry – during the days, light clothing would suffice, though you will need a jacket in the evenings.

2. Beaches

Life’s a beach – even more so if you are in Marbella. Marbella, with its miles upon miles of coastline, boasts of crystal-clear waters, top rate beach facilities and the luxurious marinas and yachts. There is the Golden Mile and Puerto Banus – where swimming and other water sports activities are distinct pleasures.

3. Historical Treasures

Marbella is a treasure trove of historical monuments as it has a rich and colourful history. Taking a leisurely walk through Marbella’s Old District is like going back in time. Marbella is sure to surprise and amaze you with all the historical riches that it offers – buildings, museums with great collections of artefacts, churches and castles.

4. Luxury

When it comes to luxury and self-indulgence, Marbella sure comes in at the top! It is, after all, Spain’s version of Monte Carlo. The trappings of luxury are to be seen everywhere – from the swanky hotels, the latest and most expensive models in cars and yachts, and even in the people themselves. Marbella is a great place to go royalty and celebrity watching, as this place is one of their stomping grounds.

5. Nightlife

Party, party, party! The nightlife in Marbella is simply amazing.

The wonderful weather, the backdrop of the mountains and the beach, the cosmopolitan air all combine to make an enjoyable nightlife experience. Why, you can dance into the wee hours of the morning!

You are faced with a lot of choices on how you can spend your evening – relaxing at Paseo Maritimo and breathing in the cool night air, at Puerto Banus, where you can rub elbows with celebrities, at the Plaza de los Naranjos where you can sit at the summer terraces while listening to top international bands.

There are also a whole spectrum of bars, pubs, nightclubs, discos and casinos. What’s more, bars feature live music – flamenco, jazz, rock and roll, hip hop, techno, and so much more.

If you want more quiet nights, there are plenty of pubs where you can just hoist your beer mugs while enjoying your time with friends. There are also upscale restaurants where you can have a romantic night with your significant other.

Casinos, cybercafés and piano bars are also some options.

Hey, there are so many things to do at night. So, put on your best party frock and explore Marbella at night. It is quite an unforgettable experience.

Marbella, Marbella – beautiful sea, beautiful nights.

6. Cuisine

Food, glorious food! Marbella has a wide and diverse selection of Spanish and international cuisines. There is a long list of restaurants and tapas bars waiting to be discovered.

You will wonder how in the world a small town such as Marbella has so much to offer when it comes to food. It is a gastronomic haven with so many delightful epicurean surprises. You can choose to dine al fresco, or by the relaxing atmosphere of Marbella’s many plazas. You can choose to dine in style, with all the works and get a glimpse of how the other half (the rich and the famous) lives. You can choose to immerse yourself in local culture and choose to eat Spanish cuisine. Or, you can travel around the world and taste the various cuisines from different cultures and countries. You can even just sit and eat Marbella’s famous gelatos.

Whew! Marbella has a wide array of choices – local, national and international cuisine are yours for the taking. The only question is: will you have enough space for all these in your stomach?

Whatever you choose, you are sure to enjoy a hearty, fully satisfying gastronomic experience in Marbella.

7. Architecture

Aside from the swanky hotel buildings, shopping complexes and ultra-luxurious houses, there are quite a number of great examples of Mudejar, Baroque and Renaissance architecture.

Marbella, or Salduba as it was formerly known, used to be a quiet fishing village in Spain. However, it was transformed when Prince Alfonso von Hohenloe opened the Marbella Club, which was and is an impressive and extremely well appointed hotel. That started Marbella’s ascent into becoming one of the playgrounds of the crème de la crème, towards its becoming, what one writer described as the “Costa with the Mosta”.

Indeed, hotels, high-rises, condominium units, villas and other new buildings abound, especially along the Golden Mile and in the City Center. However, for all of Marbella’s reputation as a jet set watering hole, it still offers us a glimpse of the architectural grandeur that is so typical of traditional Spain.

There are still some old buildings that were preserved over time, especially at the Old Quarter. Marbella showcases a mix of architectural styles, which shows the wide variety of cultures and civilizations that once held their sway over the city. There is a delightful combination of Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic and Moorish styles.

The Old Quarter with its narrow streets, white washed houses and tree-filled town squares are reminiscent of a past that still manages to make its way into the present. Indeed, Marbella showcases a wonderful mix of the old and the new, of history, urbanity, simplicity and style.

Notable buildings and architectural structures are the Plaza de Los Naranjos, the Town Hall, the fountain that is to be found in the Plaza de Los Naranjos, the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, the Alcazaba and so much more.

8. Shopping

Marbella is a true shopper’s haven. It is home to a great selection of designer brands and upscale stores. You can also search for good bargains at the markets of Marbella, which sell a wide array of products – vegetables and fruits, clothes, shoes, spices, and many more.

Marbella is a veritable shopping paradise – what with its many shops, including top brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani, Gucci and so much more! This really is a shop-till-you-drop haven and we’re not kidding!

Shopping in Marbella seems to be a very intrinsic part of their culture. Marbella has several large shopping centers, designer boutiques, craft stores, gift shops and hypermarkets, both in and around Marbella.

The heart of your shopping experience should start at Marbella’s main thoroughfare – the Avenida Ricardo Soriano. This avenue is lined with the best shops and the really expensive and ultra exclusive brands. You will certainly have an excellent time browsing – and buying! – in these shops. Just be prepared to make a big hole in your pocketbook.

If you are looking more for crafts and gift items, the Old Town is your next stop. It has a fine selection of craft stores, gift stores and art galleries. Here, you can buy beautiful handcrafted ceramics, religious items, souvenirs and so much more. You will surely enjoy exploring the narrow streets to see if there are delightful surprises (little boutiques) that are tucked away in the alleyways and narrow streets.

Then, tuck those shopping bags under your arm and head straight for Puerto Banus, which also has some very exciting things to offer you. Now, if you have some Euros left from your last two expeditions, go straight to the different market, which is a hunter’s paradise. Indeed, there are great bargains in Marbella’s markets – which exude the air and enjoyment of a local flee market.

Opening Hours:

Stores in Marbella usually open between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Some stores close at lunchtime and siesta time (1:00 p.m. or 2:00) and they reopen at 4:000 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. However, larger shops are usually open even during siesta hours. Most of Marbella’s shops and shopping centers are closed on Sundays. If they do open (especially in Central Marbella), it will only be for a limited number of hours in a Sunday.

9. People

Marbella’s warm and sunny atmosphere is quite contagious – and it reflects in its people. The locals are warm and friendly. They will readily welcome you with open arms. And since Marbella is a favourite haunt of the rich and famous, Marbella is a good place for celebrity watching.

10. Culture and Language

Marbella is filled with museums and art galleries that will give you a glimpse of the city’s artistic inclination and zest for life. The museums are filled with art works (some by Picasso and Miro), artifacts and sculptures. Marbella is also diverse. As an example, there are more than 20 different nationalities of children that are being taught at the English International College! This cosmopolitan air breeds an atmosphere of sophistication and bonhomie.

Marbella is also a great place to study Spanish. For what better way can you learn a language than by speaking to native speakers while you soak in the sun or while you are on a shopping spree?

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