Marbella Schools

Given the huge number of expats living in and around Marbella, there is a diverse variety of international schools in the area.

Whether you are moving to Spain with kids or you already live in the Marbella area and have just given birth, you will certainly be interested in the educational institutions that the area has to offer.

For most expats and foreigners, the huge choice of private international and bilingual education on the Costa del Sol and especially in and around Marbella is a blessing.

There are also nurseries, kindergartens, day cares as well as an English-speaking business school, University and several Hospitality schools.

The Best Private Schools in Marbella

Every parent wants the best for their children, in Marbella you have it. Choosing the best school for your child in Marbella has just become easier, as we list all schools that you can choose from.

Nurseries, Kindergarten & Day Care

For young babies and toddlers, mothers will be pleased to know that the area offers a good variety of options.

Private English International Schools

Boarding Schools

There are also schools that teach in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and German:

Business Schools and Universities

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