Moving to Marbella – what you need to know

Do you want to enjoy your retirement years in a vocation-like home? Then, Marbella has what you are looking for. Marbella is a city best known for its glitzy demeanour lively nightlife. The city is also popular among the famous and the rich. Its popularity both in the United Kingdom and Spain is not out of nothing.

Marbella continues to attract more expats each year. That’s because it is among the best places to be whether you are on vacation, business, retirement or education. Whether you are looking to buy a property or retire in Spain, Marbella should be the city of your choice

Why is Marbella the best place to live in?

If you choose to move to Marbella, you will have chosen a fantastic nightlife, beautiful long stretches of beaches and 320 sunshine days every year. No wonder it’s a hotspot on the Costa del Sol. There are also over 130 different nationalities living in Marbella. Thus, you won’t feel like a stranger when you move in whether it is for a holiday or permanent relocation. Other features to enjoy in Marbella include:

1. Beaches

There are 27 kilometres of coastline in Marbella which offers 24 fantastic sandy beaches. You will also come across beach side bars known as chiringuitos, situated along the seafront. This is where food and drinks are served all day long. If you fancy a lie-down, you can rent a sunbed since they are available and enjoy a siesta after lunch.

How about dancing in the sun at a glamorous beach club? They are situated along the coastline where you will also get to enjoy sophisticated and stunning views of the shore. The most popular ones are Puro and Nikki beaches although there are many other beaches to make your choice.

The kids are not left out either. The beaches provide a child-friendly environment for kids to play along. Therefore, if you are intending to move to Marbella with your entire family, you will be enjoying good times at the beaches. You can count on Marbella’s Costa water parks to give your children or grandchildren many amazing hours of entertainment.

2. Weather condition

Marbella is among the few places in the world you fall in love with the weather almost instantly. The climate there is known as the Mediterranean. Meaning, the weather in Marbella is always pleasant. As in not extremely hot in summer or very cold in winter. In summer, the temperature is about 25-30 degrees and in winter it is about 16 degrees. Thus, if you are going to enjoy your time in Marbella, the weather will rarely turn against you. Not with 320 sunshine days in a year.

3. Magnificent homes

Marbella is a good place to find accommodation in. Therefore, expats moving to Marbella won’t have a problem finding a suitable property for rent or purchase. If you are enthusiastic about living in an astonishingly beautiful home, your heart desires will be met in Marbella. There are modern beautiful apartments with a stunning sea view, villas in the golf or mansions on the hills. The choice is yours. You will definitely find your dream home in Marbella no matter how it may look like.

4. Different locations

Marbella is a city with unique and diverse neighbourhoods. It is important to do your research and consider about the type of property you want before moving to Marbella. The good news is that you cannot fail to get something that suits your taste and preference. The properties in Marbella are pretty diverse. You have the privilege to choose a home in a gated community with a pool area, luxury villa with a private pool or even a frontline golf property in the inland. The prices of these properties majorly depend on the location you have chosen. Prime areas include a property with a beachfront or an apartment in the city centre.

If you are not ready to buy a property yet, you can rent out a property on the Costa del Sol and experience the fantastic surroundings as you look for the property of your choice to buy and live in Marbella for the rest of your life. What does this tell you? Marbella has got something for everyone.

5. Beautiful culture

The old town of Marbella is a collusion of cultures in all its glory. The past will greet you immediately you walk away from the beaches and head to narrow ally ways. The Marbella old town is partially surrounded by narrow winding streets and ruins of an old Arab wall. It is in this same town you will come across churches, boutiques, fascinating shops, plazas and whitewashed buildings. The Plaza de Los Naranjos is the focal point of this old town. The gardens here are always in bloom.

However, if you want to enjoy blossom on the trees at its best, check them out in spring. If you love culture and tradition, this is the place you should consider getting an apartment.

The bottom line

Marbella is an all-round city. You won’t feel out of place if you decide to relocate to Marbella even without knowing someone who is already living there. The city is well connected, and public transport is also available. If you are planning to relocate or take a vacation with your family members, be guaranteed that everyone will have a good time including the kids if you are going to bring them along. Education is not a problem as well. You will actually get some of the best schools in Marbella from public schools, British curriculum private schools and international schools.

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